Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces The Perfect Fit WordArt A4 Print


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This Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces The Perfect  Fit WordArt A4 Print would make an ideal present for a romantic special occasion.

This wonderful jigsaw puzzle piece WordArt print uses words and phrases that are unique and special to the lovely couple to form a one of a kind Print in the shape of a two jigsaw pieces destined to slot into each other with a perfect fit lasting eternity.

Just let us know the list of words you want in priority order so if the main word is "Love" you would have that first in your list. Separate your words and phrases with a comma please so if one of your words is "Christmas Time" you would have the comma after time, not after Christmas - so when we come to make your word art gift these key phrase words are not split up. Also let us know the two peoples names you would like on each piece. Please also let us know your chosen colours / colour mixes. If you are unsure - just give us a call or email us and ask

Personalisation Instructions:

When you add this product to basket you will get prompted to add personalisation details to us. If you forget to do this or cannot add all information - not to worry just follow the below.

Upon placing your order with GiftGirlUK, if you could send an email along with your order number in the subject to to confirm all the personalisation you want on this personalised gift.

Don't worry if you forget to let us know all the information we require. We will always confirm with you and double check to ensure no information / personalisation details have been missed so you can be confident your product will be just the way you intended

Delivery Timeframe:
As this is a personalised product, it does take time for GiftGirlUK to produce the 100% unique personalised gift but we aim to get all order created and posted within 48 hours of receiving your personalisation instruction email.


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